Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Slimming World Journey

I wanted to write this post when I had received my first half stone award but here I am 7 weeks in and 6 pounds down. Not  very much people expect to loss that in their first week, but am I disheartened? No! Do I love slimming world? Yes I could not be more happier I bit the bullet and joined 7 weeks ago.

So my weight loss is slow, and I knew from the start it always would be. Due to health issues I suffer from Insulin Resistance. Slightly similar to Diabetes but no where near as bad. What it means in weight wise is that I find it very difficult to loss weight due to my metabolism been greatly decreased. So this also means weight can easily piled on. Before diagnosis my diet was pretty clean I always bought meat from the butchers and fresh fruit and veg, I never bought processed food barely ate takeaways. My weight though did not reflect my diet at all.  Doctors suggested I try low gi diet which I did I cut out so much, bought special foods said goodbye to all grains, ate lentils by the bucket load, broke countless nails grating up cauliflower rice. So six months on feeling deprived and craving everything I could not have, been moody and irritable I had only lost 5 pounds. 5 bloody pounds!!!

It just was not working and I felt worse then ever before. So family had suggested Slimming World to be countless times, but I was convinced it would not work due to my food limitations. When a close friend of mine admitted she had been going for some time and was loving it and promised me I would really enjoy it and if it did not work they would give me my money back.

So start of June I bit the bullet and joined. Sitting in my first group meeting I could understand why everyone lately has been raving about Slimming World, the confidence you leave group with is amazing because everyone is so encouraging and supportive. My Consultant Lorraine is one in a million also and is there throughout the week not only at group.

So the plan, you have speed foods, protein foods, free foods and syns. You can eat as much protein, speed and free foods as you want and you get 5-15 syns a day. Once you understand the plan it is very easy to comprehend. So this meant for me I would have to introduce food I had been avoiding for so long, I convinced myself the whole first week it was not going to work, this plan was going to make me gain weight and I would be back to square one. 

First week I lost a pound. At group I said I was disappointed, but the reason I was disappointed was because I expected to be like other people. The big loss getting their first award in one week, two weeks etc. Then I sat myself down and gave myself a kick up the arse and a tap on the back. I had to remember that everyone is different, our journeys are different, we progress at different rates and we meet bumps in the road at different times. So 7 weeks on I have had 4 losses 2 maintains and a gain. I have lost more weight in 7 weeks then I did following the diet the hospital gave me for 6 months. I have never once let the word disappointed cross my lips again at group and remained positive at everything the scales throws at me each week. I am in a new stone bracket. My moods are better and I no longer feel deprived. I may be still waiting on my first award but I have already received one Slimmer of the Week Award , my Bronze Body Magic Award. To my total shock last night I have also been Nominated for Women of the Year 2015.

So follow me here for my journey and weekly slimming world friendly recipes.
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Find your local Slimming World Group at SlimmingWorld.ie

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lusty Beg the Island on the Island

In October of last year I was offered the chance to take an over night trip to Lusty Beg Retreat in Co.Fermanagh. Myself and my other half travelled by bus to from Dublin to Lusty Beg with fellow bloggers and press . At the retreat we were joined by more bloggers and wedding planners from all over the Ireland.

On arriving we were treated to lunch of soup and selection of sandwiches and then checked into our room. Lusty Beg has a host of different types of accommodation. Courtyard rooms are similar to luxury hotel rooms, they are situated just a minute walk from reception and located in individual houses with just 5/6 rooms to the houses. You can choose from double/twin or family rooms. Perfect for a couple or family who just need to relax. The rooms are very spacious and beautifully decorated.

Lusty beg also has Lakeside cabins which are perfect if you are looking for even more luxury and a little secluded paradise.They are equipped with mini kitchenette, private veranda and outdoor hot-tub and breakfast is provided by the hotel.

For larger groups they also have Log Cabins which can sleep up 6 people. They are self catering and have stunning views of the marina or lake. Depending on which cabin you choose, they can come with wood burning stove, hot tub, flat screen TV. Luxury in a home away from home.

We had a choice of what we wanted to do on the island as there was a host of activities to choose from. The island has, clay pigeon shooting, archery, off road driving,kayaking, rib boating around the Lough Erne, as well as lighter activities such as walking, cycling and swimming in the in door swimming pool.

In the short video below was little clips of the activities we did. Clay pigeon shooting was amazing and so was impromptu off roading ( we only had 10 minutes of off roading but can do hour long slots). Archery was fun but by god do I need some more upper arm strength. 

The weather was not fantastic on the day but Lusty Beg have it set up that all the activities can go ahead in most of the weather conditions. They cater for everyone with the activities from small groups to large corporate events. It would also be a great escape for hen or stags weekends. 

Lusty Beg also have an on site Spa which provide amazing treatments exclusively using Voya which is an Irish skincare brand. I was treated to a very relaxing mini facial on the second morning and got to relax at the spa before my journey home the next day.

Lusty Beg Island is a very picturesque and private with the only access to the island by their own ferry. Looking for something different in a wedding venue then Lusty Beg ticks all the boxes,  outdoor and indoor weddings can be performed on the island, with a host of locations to get them amazing wedding photos done. Themed weddings can be catered for also, in the past they have hosted barn dance themed with BBQ for over 100 people and Hollywood theme weddings to name but a few.

So looking for a relaxing private break away from the hustle and bustle of city life, planning your dream wedding, or looking for something exciting to do for hen or stags or corporate event then Lusty Beg Island can cater to you.

 Thank you again to RDC Communications and Family and Staff of Lusty Beg Island for a wonderful trip.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

#irishbbloggersSS14 Big Reveal

 This is the second year that the wonderful Aisling from Total Makeup Addict has hosted the Irish Beauty Blogger Secret Santa and I have been very lucky to be part of both. Check out last years post here! 

This year my Secret Santa turned out to be the beautiful Nadine from The Parma Violet who I have had the pleasure of meeting this past year and has now become a great friend. She sent me a very cheery and Christmasy note with a little drawing of Christmas tree included. Here are the beautiful gifts she got me.

MUA makeup which I love, she got me the Hall of Fame eyeshadow palette which include the top 12 eyeshadows from the MUA range. It includes some beautiful nudes as well as a few dark shadows to bring you easily in to a night time look. She also got me MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade Reckless, it reminds me of my Lime Crime Red Velveteen I will be wearing this all over the festive period.

 She also got me Superdrug Tropical Peel-Off Mask which I was so tempted to use last night and then I remembered I had to take photos so its still in tack but I will be using it when I have my pamper bath on Christmas Eve. She also got me two festive Barry M polishes one in number 144 and other in 143 the both have glitter flecks with stars both will look great over a Christmas manicure.

She also got me some silver earrings from Penneys/Primark, I always lose earrings so extra ones are always great and these will go with any outfit.

She sent me this Ted baker set a body wash, body lotion and body scrub. All smell beautiful and will be part of my pampering bath routine.

I loved all my gifts from Nadine and could not be more happier. I love been apart of the Irish blogging community and Secret Santa and hope that Aisling continues it for years to come.

Check out all the other reveals today over on Twitter

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hair Update - Raspberry Ombre

 I recently won a facebook competition over on Redhead Hair Design's Facebook page. I first became aware of the page after my friend Amy posted a glowing review up on facebook about the hairdresser Laura who is the face behind Redhead Hair Design. I checked out all her before and after pictures of various clients I was in awe of her work and talent. Her style of hairdressing was totally up my street
and the reviews on the page are all 5 star with everyone singing Laura's praises.

She posted up a facebook competition and I jumped at the chance as I knew in the run up to Christmas with presents Christmas parties and travelling getting my hair done would be last on the list. I was delighted to be announced the winner and was eager to get in her chair. I booked in for Sunday 14th of December (yes a Sunday!).

I can get a bit nervous about going hairdressers, not about getting my hair done but actually been there. As I moved around alot I have never had a regular hairdresser and I find they can be a bit overpowering lots of women chatting laughing at top their voice. But when I ventured into Redhead Hair Design I was made feel very relaxed all the girls were very welcoming and put me straight at ease. Laura herself is very friendly and chatty and really listens to what you want as well as been able to tell you what would suit you.

My hair turned out even better then I ever expected, and I could not be happier with it. Not only did I come out with a gorgeous cut and color but an amazing curly blowdry that lasted me three days, which is amazing as past curly blowdrys have just fallen out of my hair in 6 hours.

Laura's prices are the best around and so girls if your looking for a new hairdresser and over the north side of the city then Redhead Hair Design is the place for you. Just so you know Laura books up fast so booking early is advisable to avoid disappointment.
Redhead Hair Design is located in Finglas village upstairs with Apfashion nails beside Permenant tsb.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

BEAUTiFi.com - Beauty needs at a click of a button

I have been waiting for something like this to come along for a long time now. There has been similar but nothing that not only has salon but also freelancers that you can book with a click of button.

A few weeks ago I was invited along to a Bloggers Brunch, BEAUTiFi.com teamed up with Wet N Wild to showcase the new website. Demonstrations on the day included  always fabulous Lisa Molloy who showed us some quick and easy hairstyles, even teaching us a thick on how to get curly blowdry in less then 5 minutes. Life Changed Forever!

Also Sarah Jane Lanagan was on hand to show us all the latest autumn trend with the use of Wet N Wild Cosmetics. From textured eyes to plum lips she gave us the ins and outs of things autumnal.

Both of these ladies can be booked through BEUTiFi.com website.

So back to BEUTiFi.com, the website offer everything from makeup to hair and nails to waxing, all at a click of a button. The website offers both salon and call out therapists/ hairstylists and nail technicians. 

At the moment it covers most of Dublin and is expanding into other counties with more and more salons and freelancers been added every week. You can book your hair appointment in your favorite salon, get a talented nail technician call out to your house and even book your wedding day makeup application for you and all your bridesmaids.

Each professional service on the website includes a biog on their services including a price list and any awards they may have obtained. There is also a gallery to view their previous work before you book.

In a few weeks BEUTiFi.com will also launch a special offers section showcasing weekly and monthly special offers/discounts offered by salons/freelancers that we all can avail of.

Sound amazing so far well I have saved the best for last. How does a gift card that can be used all over Ireland in any salon or freelancer that takes them sound. Well that is exactly what BEUTiFi.com have made for us. On the website you can order prepaid MasterCard gift cards that can used in any of the businesses that advertise the BEUTiFi gift card logo. So weather your buying it as a present to yourself or a loved one these make the perfect gift for ladies of any age.

So ladies check out BEUTiFi.com for all your beauty needs.

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